Packed Up and Ready to Move!

We’re moving to our new apartment this week!

I’m excited. I love starting over.

While we do not have a lot of items to move, I am focusing on everything related to moving and simplifying/beautifying our new space.  Our internet will be shut off soon and I am (happily) taking small breaks from the internet to focus on the move while balancing school, work, church-related activities, volleyball, people, and personal pleasures (I still have a lot of time to breathe – expect a post on this in the future). Our internet was supposed to be turned off on the first of the month and I thought I wouldn’t be able to do last week’s post, but we still have it (for free) and it was nice to have when I was snowed in! I don’t know when internet will be set up in the new place, but once I’m settled in and figured out my new routine (it’s a much different commute to work now), regular posting will resume in the next couple weeks. I might even find a coffee house to reside in.

Until then, don’t forget to stop, look up from your phone, smile, and say hi.


4 thoughts on “Packed Up and Ready to Move!”

    1. Thank you! I am sad about leaving my previous place but I’m excited about starting over with a new place and a new territory to explore! 🙂

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