One Month Into Project 333: Phase II!

Today marks the completion of my first month as a participant in Project 333: Phase II, and let me tell you – it’s actually been pretty easy!

Laundry was not as much of an issue as I thought it would be, thanks to my wonderful fiancee who has taken the liberty to do my laundry when he’s home. I also realized that I don’t need to throw things into the laundry after wearing it just once, and have worn shirts a couple times before considering it ‘dirty.’ This has allowed me to expand the ‘wear time’ of my clothing. I actually haven’t worn everything I selected yet; some things have only been worn once.

Of the original 33 items I selected, there are still a few items I’ve barely worn:

  • Plaid shirt (yet to wear)
  • Red & Tan striped sweater (worn once)
  • Black tank top (worn once)
  • Black t-shirt (yet to wear)
  • Black dress pants (yet to wear)
  • Black Converse All-Stars (worn once)
  • Black dress shoes with short heel (yet to wear)

I don’t really want to wear the red & tan striped sweater again (I only included it because it is a warmer sweater and my fiancee loves it on me). It will be donated at the end of this winter season, along with my two brown shoes that have been worn way too much in the past two years. As for the three items I decided to put aside for “dress to impress” evenings, I ended up not wearing the gray suede boots and sticking with the brown sweater boots instead, which was a good choice during an especially cold and snowy evening in the city.

What clothing items do I miss?

  • My dangling brown earrings – these are the pair I wear when I feel like ‘dressing up’ a little extra. There have been a few days when I was a little tired of my simple pearl earrings.
  • Extra layering shirts. I have a few more that are put out of sight for the project, but I could use them. I would take out a few of the items I haven’t worn much and replace them with a couple more shirts, if I could.

That’s pretty much it. I love my gray cardigan and wear it almost every day.

The outfit I’m wearing in the picture is typical: gray cardigan, t-shirt, jeans.

That’s what I love about this project. It gives me the freedom to wear my favorites over and over without feeling like I have to conform to today’s fashion trends or the expectation that I need to have a lot of clothing. People haven’t mentioned anything to me about my repetitive outfits, and I love waking up in the morning knowing exactly what I’m going to wear.

Will I be sticking with only 33 items after the project is over? No, but I know I will be cutting down on my clothing until I am left with about a week’s worth of favorite outfits for each season and a few extras things for different occasions.

The great thing about this project is that I feel free.

2 thoughts on “One Month Into Project 333: Phase II!

  1. Compared to my background wearing same clothes for years, I think that One Month challenges like this one is either a success or a failure all depends on willingness to go long term and wear them to rags. I have worn a jean so many times since high school (10+ years), it was finally ripped apart by a bicycle pedal last fall. I could have sown it back together but the fabric quality is so weak, it doesn’t justify time taken to repair it (length long rip!!).

    That gray cardigan could become so worn eventually, it needs to be retired or turned to other uses. My most overworn t-shirt will be framed one day, yet I have two duplicates of the same shirt and these shirts also will be as beaten up before I turn 33. Would you do the same for the gray cardigan? 🙂

    1. I wouldn’t suggest to go as far as wearing them “to rags,” but rather, replacing items as necessary when are too worn or don’t fit anymore. It’s great you’ve managed to make a pair of jeans last ten years! I wear my clothes until they’re worn (and rarely buy new) but my jeans usually last a few years before they’re frayed and torn. Shirts have lasted quite awhile – usually they are tossed or donated because they have stretched out or don’t fit my style anymore. I’ll replace the cardigan when necessary.

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