A Note on Minimalism: It’s Still Here.

I wanted to bring attention to the controversy of the week within the realm of minimalist blogging:

Is minimalism dead or alive?

Sparked by Everett Bogue’s post declaring the death of minimalism and his new [offensive] website, several bloggers have been pumping out heated responses to his rejection of minimalism and adoption of being a cybernetic yogi. I was also a bit shocked when he basically told us that minimalism is a fad and he’s beyond that now. Well, wait, what about the rest of us who are still exploring our simple living journey?

I identify the most with Mike Donghia’s two posts: A Public Message for Everett Bogue and It’s Still Cool to Be a Minimalist: Everett Bogue Moved On But You Don’t Have To. I also identify with Matt Madeiro’s response: Minimalism is Just Fine, Thanks!. Go read them.

I hesitated to write about this because everyone else already has, but I wanted to let you know I still plan to publish basic decluttering posts and discuss ways to simplify because like Mike said, only a tiny percentage of people are familiar with minimalism and have simplified their lives. Just because a small group of elite bloggers have moved past focusing on minimalism in their lives doesn’t mean that everyone else should do so. Many of you are just starting to learn about and embrace simple living. My aim is to remain focused on this process for not just myself, but for you.

Of course, if you want to shift focus from simple living to being a cybernetic yogi (cybernetic yogi? Huh?) and creating a digital self, then please do. As someone who is focused on real life interactions and living a simple life, I don’t understand why anyone would want to create a digital self. But hey, whatever floats your boat!

But for me, minimalism is alive. It always will be. And it is always changing.

Other points of view:
By Ev, Now How About We All Learn to Get Along?
Minimalism isn’t dead, you’ve just gone insane Everett
Everett, Former Teacher.
The Sun Rises On Minimalism, Sans Everett.
Minimalism is NOT Dead: Regardless of What Everett Bogue Says
Accepting the Torch From Everett Bogue

OK. Back to reading The Power of Less. (Picked it up at the library yesterday! Yes!)

Hey, didn’t Leo Babauta write that? Say, isn’t he pretty much the pioneer of modern minimalism? Doesn’t he still write about simplifying? Yes. he does. And hasn’t the concept of simplifying your life been around for thousands of years? Uh-huh. So forget about Everett and let him do his thing. We still have Leo – the original minimalist, and a myriad of other great bloggers who aren’t leaving any time soon.


12 thoughts on “A Note on Minimalism: It’s Still Here.”

  1. Hi Laura! Thanks for the link! I’d never seen your blog before today – I’m tossing your blog feed in my RSS reader so I can look at it later.

    I didn’t particularly want to write a blog post on this issue either, but it’s one of those things where everybody was discussing it and I wanted to clarify where I stood for the benefit of my readers. Probably a lot like you. 😀

    Thanks again for the mention – have a great day!

    1. I, too, had never seen your blog prior to this topic. Thank you for the RSS feed – I shall do the same! I’m eager to read what everyone is writing now – it seems that this topic on the life and death of minimalism has made us all more aware of other people blogging about simple living. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. You nailed it, Jody! Thanks for stopping by!! I’m really glad I found your blog and I’m eager to dig through everything and expand my knowledge and understanding of minimalism!

  2. Hey my dear,

    I swear. I take like 4 days off from checking out blogs and come back to all of this!

    Awesome post Laura. Awesome. And yeah, in my humble, little, ol’ opinion which don’t matter a scrap to any elitists out there, the minimalist movement has been around a tad bit longer than the internet, so how can someone who blogs about cyber-borg-yogis (or what not) be the “founding father”?

    Example? I have a friend who’s been minimalist for over 30 years, extreme minimalist even. My honey Patrick was minimalist when I met him (still is) and that was 15 years ago. He had a duffel bag, a backpack and a trusty towel to his name. Minimalist!

    Plus there’s a few other big names in history, I don’t Thoreau anyone? Buddha anyone?

    Ahrg, I’m probably ranting, better to do it on your blog than on mine though. I’m just tired of Mr. Ego and grateful that he’s declared the movement dead, because that means I won’t have to hear his name as much.

    Love what you’re doing, I’ll be back!


    1. Tanja,

      I love hearing about individuals who have been minimalists for years – as well as being reminded of the fact that many other people have paved the way for minimalism and people now are just re-telling the stories in a way. It reinforces the fact that minimalism is a consistent lifestyle and mindset. My only regret is that I didn’t hear of it sooner and apply it to my life at an earlier age (although I have always been a fan of Thoreau – which explains why being a minimalist is so appealing and easy for me)! But hey, better late than never, right?

      Thank you for stopping by! I absolutely loved your post, too! 🙂

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