My Project 333: Phase II Update

A couple weeks ago, I shared with you that at the start of this month I would be participating in Project 333. After some consideration over the holidays, I’ve pretty much kept the list the same with a few changes. Here’s an updated, final list of thirty-three clothes & accessories I will wear for the next three months:

1. Orange sweater
2. Gray sweater
3. White sweater
4. Gray cardigan
5. Red sweatshirt
6. White sweatshirt
7. Plaid shirt
8. Red & tan striped sweater
9. White t-shirt
10. White tank top
11. Black tank top
12. College radio station t-shirt
13. Chevrolet t-shirt
14. College t-shirt
15. Axis t-shirt
16. Black t-shirt
17. Green t-shirt
18. Brown t-shirt
19. Light blue jeans
20. Dark blue jeans
21. Gray skinny jeans
22. Black dress pants
23. Red Houndstooth coat
24. Bronze puffy winter coat
25. Brown clogs
26. Brown sweater boots
27. Black Converse All-Stars
28. Black dress shoes with short heel
29. Black gloves
30. Black belt
31. Green fashion scarf
32. Gray & green knitted scarf
33. Pearl earrings (not pictured).

Items not counted: slippers, pajamas & robe (which doubles as in-home lounge wear), underwear, socks, hearing aids, glasses, engagement ring.

I’ m also bending the rule for the new ‘three extra items in your closet’ addition. Instead of keeping three extra things to rotate in so others may be donated, I’m keeping these three items aside for nights out when I have to ‘dress to impress.’ I realized I had nothing in my thirty-three things that would suit a “dress to impress!” evening and I didn’t like the thought of an outfit I’d rarely wear taking up three spaces.

My three extra items (not pictured):
1. Sweater dress
2. Black leggings
3. Gray suede boots

What challenges do I anticipate?

The first thing that comes to mind is laundry. There is no washer & dryer in my apartment unit which means I need to pay about $3.00 a load each time I do laundry. I tend to do separate loads (one whites, one colors) so it’s $6.00 in quarters each time I do laundry. To avoid paying for laundry so often, I would wear every last bit of clothing I had until nothing clean was left so I could space out my loads and do them every two-three weeks. That saved me money from doing it on a weekly basis, but left me with a lot of clothes! Since I have even less clothes, I’ll be doing laundry more. Collecting quarters might be one of my new habits.  However, when I move to my new place in the beginning of February, I’ll have my own washer and dryer in the bedroom and no need to save quarters! So this is only an issue for the first five weeks of the project.

Another  concern is my student teaching placement in the middle of March. At my current job, I can dress casually and wear sweatshirts on certain days. I run around with the kids, sit on the floor often, and get covered in marker. Any desire to dress up is eliminated for fear that my clothes will be ruined (both sweatshirts have marker stains). However, when I student teach, I will need to dress up. This is why I threw in a pair of dress pants and heels. These won’t be used until March and I can have it last one or two weeks. If another round of Project 333 begins in March, I’ll have to change a lot of things in the wardrobe – most of these are packed up and put out of sight for now.

What am I looking forward to?

It is only five days into this project and I love being able to make a quick decision about what to wear. The choices are limited, thus, making it easier to pick and choose. Plus, many of the items I have can be worn in different layering combinations or I can just throw a sweatshirt over it all. I always wore the same pairs of jeans and shoes anyway, so people won’t notice the difference.

Speaking of people noticing, I highly doubt that anyone will scrutinize my outfit every day, realizing I wear the same things over and over. I’m expecting that people won’t care too much about what I wear and that will give me the freedom to stick with a minimal amount of clothing well past the completion of Project 333.

My personality will shine brighter. I will smile more. I will gain extra confidence. My clothes are just there.

My dresser? Empty. Will be moving it out soon.

My closet? More spacious than ever!

My clothes? Aside from the clothes in the closet for this project, the rest of them fit in two duffel bags. I have a feeling that I’ll be able to get rid of one of the duffel bags when this project is over (or even sooner)!

Ahh. This is great.

5 thoughts on “My Project 333: Phase II Update

  1. Hey, I am thinking of getting rid of my dresser too, but have a question. How are you keeping socks and underwear in the closet? Do you keep them in a container of some sort?

    1. Yes. I already had one of these organizers in my closet. I bought two of these fabric drawers to put in the organizer – one fabric drawer for socks and the other for remaining underwear. It’s like a mini-dresser! Remaining clothes are hung up or stacked somewhere within the organizer. If you don’t want to shell out too much money, just getting a couple fabric drawers and placing them on the floor or shelf of the closet should work well.

  2. That is a really good idea. I am down to only using about 2 drawers in my actualy dresser and the rest is a total waste of space. I am going to see if I can make something like this work. Thanks!

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