Happy Holidays!

I am taking a break to enjoy the holidays with my family & friends before the rush of 2011 begins. It’s going to be quite a year of changes in my life and I need to use the most of my time off work to focus and relax! I have a scheduled post lined up, so you’ll hear from me; I just won’t be around to moderate, comment, and read.

Consider this my first digital sabbatical. (What’s a digital sabbatical?) From now until January 2, 2011, I am not updating my Blipfoto, going on Facebook, reading blogs, and anything else internet-related. E-mails will be checked sporadically. Contacting my phone directly (text/calls) is the best way to get in touch with me – I’m not going to take a break from my social life, too! My priorities include catching up on my to-read list, meet-ups with friends, seeing family, spending time with my fiancee (he has a nice break from work as well – I’m looking forward to quality time!), preparing for the changes in my life, and enjoying the winter weather.

Have a safe & wonderful holiday filled with LOVE and warm laughter!

See you next year. Cheers! 🙂

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